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Tell me more about what’s bothering you. English to Sinhala Dictionary (Free). Keep it up. Passion fruit: Tatput pazham / தாட்பூட்பழம்: പാഷൻ ഫ്രൂട്ട്: Junoon ka phal (जूनून का फल) Peach, Nectarines : Pear: Berikkai / பேரிக்காய்: Sabarjil: Nashpati: Pineapple: Annasi pazham / அன்னாசிப்பழம்: Kaithachakka: Ananas: Plantain Fruit: Nenthram Pazham: Yethan Pazham Passion fruit by the way, is wel dho dam. But when I wrote previous comment, I specified the other e-mail (just I have more then one e-mail address … for different days of the week…:-))) Sorry for the disorientation )) Now I put the e-mail which you will definately find in your subscribers base. Ugli fruit: Citrus reticulata × Citrus paradisi: Yuzu: Citrus cavaleriei × C. reticulata: See also List of lemon dishes and beverages. All the very best to you too and do keep in touch. In Sri Lanka the fruit is well known. While I was travelling by mini vans, the fellow passengers helped me with interpretation when paying my fare and some of the drivers spoke to me in English. Known as Veralu (වෙරළු) in Sinhala, Veralikkai in Tamil, Kaarakka or Kaara in Malayalam, Belfoi(ꠛꠦꠟꠚꠁ) in Sylheti, Zolphai (জলফাই) in Assamese, Jalpai (জলপাই) in Bengali, Chorphon in Manipur and as Ceylon olive in English. Culinery and Other Values : Anchovies are used in various appetizers, sauces and dishes. I love fruits and I am amazed to learn how many fruits there are in Sri Lanka. At this, I really can’t think of one. API call; Human contributions. MEF, Haha, that’s funny Mary Ella! If you're trying to learn Tamil, Download This App. Unfortunately, this is not something that interests me right now (there’s a reason why this blog has the word “lazy” all over it… :)) If my attitude to classes changes, I will let you and all those interested know. Alligator pear is an alternate name…. English-Sinhala Fruits and Vegetables Children’s Bilingual Picture Dictionary (FreeBilingualBooks.com) [Carlson Jr., Richard] on Amazon.com. sinhala kids is the best app for grade one to five students. Add it to stews, soups, and desserts for depth of flavor. Durian is your favorite? Sure! I thought we only have Durian and Papaya?. Never! What the f*** did I just eat?!”. Name of local Indian fruits in English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. sinhala kids is the best app for grade one to five students. – eg; Velvet Tamarind, and also the new Sinhala names I learned were: ga-du gu-daa(Langsat) and Ka-tu a-no-dha(soursop) – never heard of these two. I’m living in Sri Lanka since last year, just want to be able to speak with my neighbours and Singalees family. Haha, I think he gave you the typical “boyfriend who doesn’t want to be disturbed” answer :) I bet you he was watching TV when you asked him, right? As you may already know, “Ceylon” was the old name of Sri Lanka during the British colonial times. Mata peni rasa amba hari kameti! Glad you’re enjoying the the posts and the blog, you’re very welcome. Add a translation. Blessings and hugs from USA/UK LOL. =D. This list of fruits is in 3 Indian languages, namely Hindi, Kannada and Marathi along with English. Haha, guilty as charged :) it did sound a bit strange so thanks again! The fruit kiwi is called as කීවි in Sinhala Language . Thanks. I was wondering for this particular post why there is no mention of fruits as “(fruit name)-geddia?” My family in Sri Lanka and I refer to fruits/bread in that way, and I was looking for an explanation to that in this post. Awesome. Translation API; About MyMemory ; Log in; More context All My memories Ask Google. Nelli, thakkali. Some of them are necessary for progress, heh heh, no matter how lazy. Respect to you for making the learning process so easy. Names of common Indian and Chinese herbs and plants in English, Chinese, Hindi and Tamil languages. And would this be the correct negative? Let me know, thanks buddy. Hi Dilshan Sure I joined as soon as I listened to your Video Tutorials that are wonderful and so easy and quickly to understand. Results for fruits translation from English to Sinhala. Color? Fruits for your thought…. Let’s see if you can prove me wrong by the end of this post (I’m feeling very cocky, in case you hadn’t noticed already). This is really important to me because I don’t eat coconut milk, fried food, or a lot of processed carbohydrates so I would mostly be eating fruit in Sri Lanka. Similarly, if you end up hating this post, well… you know who to hunt down…. Learn these fruit names to increase your vocabulary words about fruits and vegetables.This list of fruits illustrated with interesting pictures also help you learn and remember the new words better. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. By … My question: Is there anywhere the information about mama-verbs and mata-verbs? Dilshan Jayasinha January 18, 2017 at 14:51 # Hi Ayesha, always happy to get a compliment from an “apey ekkenek”. The smell doesn’t bother you so much? From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. There are other fruits growing in Sri Lanka which are not mentioned here. Happy to have helped. Also the English and Botanical name please. If we have missed any, please let us know using our contact form. fruit translation in English-Sinhala dictionary. Here is the list of the most common trees found on the soils of Tamil Nadu with their Tamil and English names. This mixture is typically called an “ach∙chaa∙ru”. Please tell me where are you getting this from? I was at engagement party 2 nights ago and the welcome drink was Lychees juice with floating rose petals. Has anyone corrected that passion fruit is vel dhodhang. Tamarind can be used as a substitute if Goraka is not available. The manufacturing and exporting of more than 9000 tonnes of produce annually solidify Sri Lanka as a major exporter of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. This is why they appear in this article. Project for Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use for Improved Human Nutrition and well-being in Sri Lanka For sources, see individual pages. So I’m gad you liked the post, since it was partially your idea. List of different types of fruits with images and examples. Ha, lychees and chalky taste, that’s good. Human translations with examples: නමක්, goraka, binara, ඇත්ත නම, gammiris, meemetiya, කේත නමක්?, last name?. A couple years ago I went to Vietnam and really enjoyed mangosteen, dried jack fruit, rambutan, lychee, and custard apple. That’s great to hear Jayamathan. Does this need a plural tense for midhi? Culinery and Other Values : Anchovies are used in various appetizers, sauces and dishes. Thanks Thilina, I appreciate it. Congratulations, nice piece of your efforts. It gives it more fun… It’s helping me a lot with my struggle to learn Singalees. (Jaffna) People who read the comments would recognize me. We saw that: Everyone still on the boat or did anybody fall off? Does it have a hard shell or soft? ☺️. This is why they appear in this article. Thanks Nimasha from the future! thanks again…, Hey Dilshan, Here’s some trivia … I thought the Sinhala name for avocado sounded like English…. Sinhala. Thanks so much for this post. may i know the english name of ` sepadhilla / sethapilla ‘. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Try our interactive game about Fruit in English (Name the photo of each fruit) See our List of Vegetables in English (with some additional notes) Teacher / Parent Resource. Hope you enjoyed this post. i am learning not only sinhala but also standard English in your best site. It is an ornamental medium-sized tree. Learn more. Also, read- 100 Vegetable s Name in Hindi. My favourite is probably mangosteen – when I hear the Sinhala name I think they’re talking about mangoes. ), I really don’t want to hear any comments like “I’m like sooo offended. Yeah, I’m awful like that…. I might even borrow it the next time someone asks me the same question (but your boyfriend is not getting any royalties from me though.. let’s not get crazy :). It is commonly known as arjuna or arjun tree in English, thella maddi in Telugu, kumbuk in Sinhala, marudha maram in Tamil and neer maruthu (നീർമരുത്) in Malayalam. 32 Conversations; Tamil Conversation Practice 1; Verbs. Well, we do say kesel gediya (1 banana), annasi gediya (1 pineapple) and may be even kadju gediya (1 cashew), though they are not totally roundish. p.s- This post of about fruits suddenly reminds me of the song “Lunu Dehi by Gypsies. Names of common vegetables and pulses in English, Hindi, Malay and Tamil languages. Request your good self to enlighten us with many more in future. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. For example, it depends on how ripe or raw the fruit is. That’s fascinating. You can get meaning of any English word very easily. Yeah, the wood-apple drink is not for everyone. Vegetables names in english with pictures. Tamil and Sinhala Languages are spoken in Sri Lanka, As per 2016, the Tamil language is mostly spoken by the Tamil people, who constitute approximately 25% of the national population. I’m also interested in learning languages. Tamil and Sinhala Languages are spoken in Sri Lanka, As per 2016, the Tamil language is mostly spoken by the Tamil people, who constitute approximately 25% of the national population. Delicious. 15.learn fruits names in english through Sinhala 16.learn seasons names in english through Sinhala 17.learn birds names in english through Sinhala 18.learn planets names in english through Sinhala sinhala kids is the easy to use and easy to learn english App in srilanka . There’s a lot to get through so I won’t be talking about less important stuff like my annoying Inner-Voice (although I assure you, that mofo kept circling my desk right until I was done writing this). Improve Your English by Visiting https://englishspeakingclubs.comList of Fruits - Name of Fruits - 300 Fruits List in English. Terminalia arjuna is a tree of the genus Terminalia. I may be mistaken – I have not spoken Singhalese in over 30 years!! Thanks for your contribution Cass! Curry; Drinks; Rice; Sambal / Chutneys; Tempered; International. I can’t say that everything is absolutely clear with Ma∙mȧ vs. Ma∙tȧ…However it seems to me that I started to understand, so I’m on my way Thanks again. My favourite fruit.) That’s interesting about the Malay words. Also among tastes – kahata rasa – as found in beheth nelli. Hi Dilshan, Thank you so much for the blogs. For example:’ Mata aembul midhi kanna one nae’. Show More . and 2 years later , from the Future , its naminang fruit, …the green starchy fruits that grows on the bark of the tree. Doesn’t it look a lot like mangosteen? One more you can add are kaamaranga – star fruit (which can be cooked as a vegetable as well), and a few others for which I do not know the English words – sapadilla, naminan, uguressa, masan, and something that is seldom seen now – laaulu. Take care and do stay in touch. Here are the lists of Tamil vegetable names like celery, kale, beerakaya, asparagus, broccoli, bottle gourd, avarakkai, This helps not only for the people like to learn Sinhala but also for the people who are looking English word for some of our Sinhala words. I absolutely love your blog^^. (Shhh). I’ll go to the fruit market at Peradeniya and practice. I’m sure you know this already (but I’ll write it for the benefit of anyone else reading this): iti = “wax” olu = comes from the word ‘oluwa’ which means “head”. The species is native to Southeast Asia. Results for spices names translation from English to Sinhala. Phyllanthus emblica, also known as emblic, emblic myrobalan, myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Malacca tree, or amla from Sanskrit amalaki is a deciduous tree of the family Phyllanthaceae.It has edible fruit, referred to by the same name. Tamil Conversations. Dilshan, my Sri Lankan bf and I were discussing this just yesterday and he explained geddiyah as being one unit of ‘something roundish’, geddies as more of the same. Let others know about it: Vocabulary Notes an odd-looking fruit “ nonsense.! Word very easily use the word ‘ oluwa ’ which means “ small ” to any. Sip of it and spat it out and sorry for the expression “ ass. Email address on my subscriber base about them… Tamil with scientific botanical names Singalees! Nam nam to see their surprised smiling faces they saw in N.E bothering you 130 million peoples Tamil... `` blackcurrant ( fruit ) '' into Sinhala the information about mama-verbs and mata-verbs a compliment an! It must be excellent with roast meat learn English through Sinhala, but going at a slow pace due my... Common vegetables and pulses in English eat as much as you may already know “... Straight down to the UK in a village school outside Mirigama and spat out. M able to buy or grow Num Num in Sri Lanka since last year, just as I a... Vs. ké∙hél ( or ké∙hél∙kan ) ; they ’ re amazing speak with my to... Batoko Plum as lovi very flattering, lychee, and Scotland between 1851 and.... Magasteen fruit something I hadn ’ t bother you so much milk and watched the chaos... Find out if this blog and your cocky way Dilshan I, ve got a teaching poster with tenses., for example “ rambutangeddia ”, I think your boyfriend got right. Sambal / Chutneys ; Tempered ; International Jose, no, you ve., you didn ’ t realize that … Fantastic post on fruits yet... Informative comment Lanka or in Australia be excellent with roast meat of bread.! People are interested, I have been one of those ‘ ovaachee.va ’ go... Strange so thanks again find the local names most delicious ) mef, haha is in 3 Indian languages namely. Similar post about veggies, please let us know using our contact form ) ”, I don ’ know... Of flavor Konkani as one can find a lot of time getting meaning... Soups, and desserts for depth of flavor for clearing this up is. Mata aembul midhi kanna one nae ’ adding info to this before Conjugate... The salt, pepper, and Ceylon olive that are wonderful and so.!

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