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So, yea. Wide receivers Hezekiah Grimsley, a Lafayette High alum, and Phil Patterson, a Bayside High graduate, entered the portal along with defensive back Khalil Ladler, wide receiver Jacoby Pinckney and running back Caleb Steward, according to a Tech athletic department spokesperson. Yes, there are some 2-star players for some of the Power 5 teams that were recruited out of high school, but most players who sign with Power 5 teams are 3-star recruits or higher. Except that many players are transferring from VT to other schools. Not because he doesn’t speak well or isn’t able to handle himself, but sometimes because he is too tight-lipped. Like others have said, there haven’t been a lot of players who would have A) Started or B) Contributed that transferred. Looking at the new landing spots for the ones that have found a new home tells me not to worry and to wish them the best. It is rare that a great player doesn’t see the field. A data point to help with the analysis: How many of those that left landed at another P5 school? so that is not the answer. Also your point that what he’s mentioning isn’t an easy task to track down for 65 teams. Seems to me that some of the reason we have high numbers can be explained by having so many young guys starting. I does trouble me that we spend a lot of resources training and helping these athletes be the best they can be, and then they just take that knowledge and move on to what I can only assume they believe is a better situation. It’s not a good look for us, certainly, but time will tell if it’s growing pains or decay, because it could be either. I think it’s got a chance to be the most important class in some time at Virginia Tech. For more details about the site, including a list of staff, see our About page. I’d say that all things considered, Josh Jackson would have most likely had a better season at VT than he did at Maryland…..but of course that is just speculation. Absent that – we don’t really know much. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Elections expert Q&A: No evidence of fraud and fail-safes everywhere in US voting system, 4 potential talking points at McDonald's investor meeting. VT is going through a philosophy change. Are we taking marginal players who don’t fit scheme wise or culturally? In most cases, it was more addition than subtraction, while in some cases it was players entering the portal only to return to Virginia Tech. Sounds like a lot of guys writing in are football coaches. I went through that database and compiled the following numbers for each of the 65 Power 5 teams (ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, PAC-12, SEC, and Notre Dame): I did this for both the 2019 and 2020 transfer portal cycles, and then I combined the numbers as well. Yes…..the more critical a player, the more leeway. I think we are just now beginning to understand, as fans, how spoiled we were for a long time with continuous wins. I did not make any judgments for any teams as to whether a player was a starter or a backup, or whether he left the school from the portal or returned to the school (like Deshawn McClease and Hendon Hooker), or whether a player transferred “up” or “down” from his original school. Back to the transfer portal, it is important to remember these coaches are working with 85 scholarships. BLACKSBURG — Virginia Tech’s backfield, wide receiver and defensive back positions suffered what could end up being significant hits to their depth Wednesday, when five players announced they’re entering the NCAA transfer portal. So, why did people vote for Donald Trump? With the benefit of hindsight, are they glad they did? It’s a rule that is wreaking havoc throughout college football and is not going to get better anytime soon. I look forward to more discussion about this topic. At this point it’s only two years of data, so to me, it’s a “hmmm….” set of data, not one I’m willing to draw conclusions from. Fans should relax. Generally, a coach isn’t going to pinpoint a specific recruiting class as critical a year ahead of time. We do need some of these players to stay around to play as RS Jrs/Srs. Maybe one explanation for the high number is a coaching change that resulted in recruiting getting better year after year. (Note that rounding up and down causes the numbers to not quite add up; this table was done in a spreadsheet, and math’s gonna math.). He entered the portal in December and transferred. The other thing it suggest to me is, we find it easy to recruit at some positions & difficult at other positions. Only then can you get a real picture of where VT fits in the scheme and what the impact may or may not be on the program. One thing does have to change. The answer can be figured out over time—not now with so few data points and so many potential explanations. The early returns are good there, with the signings of Robert Wooten, Alec Bryant and Justin Beadles in December. For example, in 2019 Arkansas had 23 players enter the transfer portal, 19 of which were 3-star+. I have decided that I have to accept that this is part of the new found leverage that players have in this situation. Question: is high portal use a result of style rather than necessarily tied to success? Fuente said #Hokies won't be taking anyone back who entered the transfer portal this offseason. Anyone around the Virginia Tech program knows the class of 2021 is an absolutely critical recruiting class for the Hokies on a variety of fronts. Hard to blame them. Interesting thought. You would have to get the academic side to return the scholarship money paid on the first day of the semester after the player enters the portal. Wide receiver Hezekiah Grimsley, a Lafayette High alum, makes an acrobatic catch in September for a 9-yard touchdown in the second quarter of Tech's game against Old Dominion. Give a Rivals gift subscription this holiday season I don’t think that’s the point of Will’s analysis. I think it’s fair to say this doesn’t look good in the snapshot that it is. Fuente did, while also speaking with confidence. With Grimsley, Patterson and Pinckney following in the footsteps of Damon Hazelton, who announced last Friday he’s entering the portal, Tech could have eight scholarship receivers remaining if all four players leave. The player turnover should indicate programs with recent coaching changes (typically due to poor results) or programs that had a coaching change during the last few years and are trying to get the program back to a higher level, but must shake out players that do not support that level of play. Great article, but I can also see @marcbvtgm’s overly-wordy point. For the two years, that’s 15.6 portal entries, 13.4 of which are 3-star+. I do think we’re in great position with people that we’ve been developing relationships with for a long time. Our last recruiting classes under Beamer were not great and Fuente has actually been worse. Doesn’t leave ya with a warm fuzzy, do it? Effectively? In short, an answer in search of a question. Police aren’t happy. We’ll see how many actually transfer this year. Not just better talent, but bigger bodies, too. The ACC put up some duds this past weekend. I am concerned that this makes VT look bad to new & potential recruits. Raheem Blackshear, an incoming graduate transfer from Rutgers, could also end up playing slot receiver. He’s started six of the 35 games he’s played, and has 53 catches for 691 yards and three touchdowns in his career. So I’m OK if Hard Smart Tough is not for everyone. Maybe the article stopped because Will was so devastated when he saw that VT is effectively leading the nation in transfers, that he had take a moment to compose himself. )”, © TechSideline.Com Number of players in the portal who were 3-star recruits or higher out of high school. It took 3 hours to compile the data as-is. It would be interesting to track “program status” against number of transfer portal players over a longer time. Therefore upperclassmen got beat out by underclassmen. This you cant. That analysis would have to be done for all 65 teams. Wow. Said they talked about it as a staff and came to that decision. Not good. Subscribe Subscribe now! (Maybe they will never know) I am also concerned that our coaches are not recruiting the right players. Perception? Darryl Tapp and Bill Teerlinck combined to replace Charley Wiles with an emphasis on bringing in better talent on the defensive line. (Then again, Wake lost their star QB to Georgia.) Great info, but lets be honest. If you share the data, please include the TSL logo when you do. On Wednesday, Fuente did open up a bit about the portal. An NCAA survey of all portal enterers would be something to go on. VIRGINIA'S GRIST MILLS OFFER PEEK INTO PAST, Virginia Tech mismanages end of game, falls to Liberty in last seconds, Hokies face skilled scrambler Malik Willis and No. Not as bad as I thought. Wow. Virginia Tech football: Justin Fuente discusses the transfer portal & 2021 recruiting. The number is high because Fuente doesn’t tolerate crap. As noted by others responding to this article, I think the “story” (reasons) behind the numbers needs to be investigated before we can make any real conclusions. It might prove interesting to examine how many of those players were hold overs from the Beamer years as well as to whether of not they played. Are we taking chances on marginal players in hopes of developing them? Some employers prefer to be heavily selective in hiring and retention, others hire young and cheap, develop talent and are happy when they move up and on. I simply counted the number of players who were listed in the portal for each team for each year, then counted the subset of 3-star+ high school recruits. There are a few it would be nice to have kept around for 2 deep, but most losses are guys passed on depth chart with little shot of playing. Hard to rationalize this away 2 years in a row. I don’t see players that are necessarily the ones we need to build a program on. Virginia Tech football just outside the top 25 in preseason AP Poll Updated Aug 24, 2020 Virginia Tech didn't make it into the top 25 of the preseason AP Poll, but didn't miss by much We don’t have the horses whether they enter the portal or not. It would be interesting to see how many are offensive and how many are defensive. I would rather take my chances with giving the scholarship to an incoming recruit or transfer. I know I am in the minority, but I actually feel better reading this article. If we were losing more guys to graduation, we’d be losing less to the transfer portal. Grimsley, a rising senior, had 10 catches for 170 yards and two touchdowns this past season. For everyone saying “I’m OK with losing so and so, etc.. The opinions of the author(s) on this site are independent and no way reflect the opinions of the Virginia Tech administrators, coaches, staff, or athletes. Almost the most in the country. For example, in 2019 ACC teams averaged 7.9 portal entries, 6.9 of which were 3-star+. Working on large enterprise projects that span years in some cases, predicting success or failure or even the dates and timelines for either, based upon a point in time symptom is rarely a good idea. Looking at the 14 2020 portal entries via the VTSCOOP link in the article, I see the biggest loss was Coach Holmon Wiggins to Alabama. It’s a log jam of great kids but not players that can start. I think the numbers show exactly what you’d think it shows-that a lot of guys didn’t like their experience at VT as compared to other schools. Here’s that data. Virginia Tech has had 12 players enter the transfer portal since the end of the 2019 regular season. TSL has had articles talking about this with coaches and staff. I compiled the second set of numbers (which I will call 3-star+ data) because it more or less eliminates walk-ons and special teams players from the results and focuses on players that teams, for the most part, recruited and signed out of high school. Wow those numbers tell a story – we are trying to figure out which story. Instead of blowing smoke and putting lip stick on their piggy prospects for PT. game was “absolute right call,” Justin Fuente says as Hokies pause practice and look ahead to N.C. State game.

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