We meet again Monday….

Hey at least we have a long weekend ahead of us with the holiday. I am leaving Thursday morning to go to Cleveland for work and will be there till Monday night! Any suggestions for Cleveland restaurants, coffee shops, or things to do?

So back to the weekend. It was a random one, to say the least. Many sleepless nights for some reason which was no bueno. Nut enough of the negative – lets chat on all the positives….

I came up with a new oatmeal concoction that I can not and will not stop eating. 

You would have thought after reading Meredith’s blog for so long that I would try adding blueberries to my oats. Well, nope – never had. Saturday morning I did, and it was AMAZING. Here is what I did….

  • Microwave 1/2 cup old fashioned oats with water (enough to cover the oats in the bowl).
  • With 30 seconds left remove bowl from the microwave and add a handful of blueberries and sprinkle cinnamon.
  • Return to microwave and let cook for 30 more seconds.
  • Remove from microwave and instantly stir the oats so the softened blueberries spread out and turn the oats pink.
  • Add 1/2 scoop of Quest Peanut Butter protein powder and top with sunflower seeds!

My mouth is watering just typing it. My daily banana in oats will be taking a back seat this week.

I got to catch up with Suz.

It had been way too long. We went to a TRX + Yoga event at Equinox put on by Luna Bar to reveal their new protein flavor – Chocolate Salted Caramel. Exercising and catching up with a friend – does it get much better?

I think my eyes are closed in the photo above because of my lack of sleep the night before ha.

I wore extremely loud pants.

And drank green juice while wearing them. Duh.

I bought two new dresses from Loft and wore one out on Saturday night.

This one and this one. Hey when Loft is having 40% off you can’t not buy something.

I took two classes at Soul Cycle, and loved each of them.

I really have found your experience at Soul Cycle weighs heavily on the instructor. I have loved my classes with Brent and Kellen.

I bought a mud mask….

…and applied said face mask. Because I have been breaking out like wow lately, and Stef said a face products with charcoal in it are great for reducing breakouts. When Heather posted a charcoal mask in her Friday Favorites I knew I had to make a stop at Sephora. So far so good. You can buy it here.

Wore a pug button on my belt Saturday night….

….because it is a fashion staple obvi. It was my friend Dan’s birthday party, which was Pug themed. Dan has a pug so it was only fitting to have a Pug Crawl for him.

Watched a few 30 vs. 30 episodes.

This show is my jam on Netflix. Especially when I can learn more about the 1989 Detroit Pistons Bad Boys. Makes me so excited to go home!! Less than 3 weeks.

Meal prepped like wow.

Sunday has become my meal prep day. I cook most of my lunches and dinners for the week, and package them up into individual containers. This week I am leaving Thursday morning so I made sure to not prepare too much food. This week I made shredded chicken and roasted veggies. I also made a batch of Cashew Pancakes. These I can bring to Cleveland too.

Remember my new favorite item from TJ’s? I stepped it up a bit this week and included shredded brussels sprouts with it. Brilliant!

Watched Rory…


Win! I feel like you guys could have probably assumed that. Love the white pants – OBVI

Cleaned and did laundry.

Is there anything better than going to bed on Sunday night with a fridge full of prepped food, cleaned apartment, and a empty hamper? I can’t think of much that beats that.

Have a great monday! Go get another cup of coffee. You deserve it.

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  • Tell me something random from your weekend.
  • Do you do most of your chores on Sunday?