Last night I went to the New Balance store in Lincoln Park for their Girls Night Out Event.


I met Susie from SuzLyfe there at 6:30 and shortly after we headed out on a short run to the Lake Shore Path.


Not a bad view for a workout, right? After the quick run we stopped here for a 3 circuit workout led by trainers from Jim Karas’ gym. Each circuit targeted arms, legs, and core. This was my second workout of the day (took another Sproing class in the a.m.) so I took it easy and soaked in the beautiful scenery. It felt like a perfect fall night. I love fall but come on its August.


After our quick boot camp session, Susie and I had to get an obligatory blogger pic with the skyline in the back. We decided last night we needed to come up with a bucket list so we can get all of our crazy ideas in one place. More to come on this soon, but lets just say I am extra excited about one of our ideas :)


Once we got back to the store Susie and I got more photos together because how can you have too many? And picked up our swag bag.


My favorite item in the bag was the wine Tervis. I got my friend Katie one of these for her birthday and have wanted one ever since. I know this glass will get plenty of use. Also in the bag was a sweat band, Cliff Bar, rape whistle, and 4 complimentary sessions to Jim Karas’ gym. Once I get settled in my new apartment I will definitely be taking advantage of this deal.

Yes that is a beer cap, mostly Miller Light, coffee table that I made with my dad. He and his friend used to collect all of their beer caps – don’t ask. These are the two that also use to still throw their beer bottle on our back lawn in the summer in hopes of breaking another persons bottle.

IMG_1660Oh and how could I forget the after party. The store basically had transformed into a night club. Complete with loud music (I’m an old lady), Deep Eddy Vodka drinks (Susie and I sampled the Sweet Tea and Grapefruit), Wine, Additional Cocktails, and appetizers. I don’t think anyone went thirsty.

I had a great time at G.N.O. It is always fun to be social while still being active. I was also able to make new blogging friends – great to meet you Erica and Maggie! Can’t wait for more events. Also, when you get bloggers together it is totally normal to talk about your site statistics and readership. Love this! Fun Fact – Yesterday I received an analytic report and there are people reading, or accidentally stumbling upon, LSR in Italy and South America. Guess it isn’t just my mom and dad reading anymore :)

While I was at G.N.O. I was nominated by my cousin Katie for the ALS ice bucket challenge. If you guys have been reading LSR for sometime you know I love a challenge. If not, you can check out my past challenges here and here. Also, I am currently completing the #GettinStrongInAugust Challenge. How is everyone doing with it? So far so good over here. Tomorrow is a rest day for it and my arms are looking forward to a day off from push-ups.

I was more than happy to accept the #StrikeOutALS #IceBucketChallenge and make a donation. Especially because someone very close to me and my family was recently diagnosed with the disease. If you are interested in donating you can do so here.


Here is me after and proof that there were ice cubes in the water. Check out the video on my Facebook page. Yes there might be a little squeal at the end when I dump the water.

Last night was a very eventful! My type of Girls Night Out.


  • Have you accepted the #StrikeOutALS #IceBucketChallenge? If so, send me a link to the video I would love to see it!
  • Ideal Girls Night Out?
    I would say last night hit pretty close to it – socializing with friends while still being active. Only thing to top it off would have been Yogurtland which I missed out on with Susie. I don’t know why I didn’t go.
  • Cocktail or Wine?
    Lately I have been on an all wine kick.