Midweek Motivation & Goals

Anyone who has been reading LSR since the beginning knows I love a good quote. Especially one that motivate me to be a better person, friend, runner, daughter, sister, aunt, student, entrepreneur, blogger, athlete…I could keep going but I will leave it at that.

Every morning my first move, besides turning off my alarm, is to check my email. I can always rely on Runner’s World to send me a quote that more often than not motivates me to get my butt out of bed and get that a.m. workout in. Runner's World Quote - George Sheehan Monday’s quote really resognated with me. This summer running and I have had a love hate relationship. More hate than love. There have been many days that I wonder if I will ever train for a race again or if I will ever truly enjoy running again. Well I am happy to say that running and I are back on. I only run once or twice a week for a short distance, but when I do I enjoy it. I definitely will not take for granted running or training in the future because of the struggle and pain I went through this summer.

Am I ready to race? Probably not. I am enjoying my workout classes too much to incorporate 5 days of running back into my schedule. But I do love being able to choose when I go for a run and for how long. On the other hand – Do I want to race? Heck yeah. I love being on a schedule, setting goals, and working for something; but right now it is more important for me to ease back in and take every step for what it is. I do have my eyes on a few races in November though…I am trying to not allow my mind (brain wants to race) get ahead of my body (my leg, butt, knee, and ankle are not ready).

Like mother like daughter, my mom loves inspirational quotes as well. She receives an inspirational quote daily (sign up here), and more often than not passes it along to me. Goals

She sent this one to me on April 26th and I have kept it in my inbox so I could look at it from time to time to remind myself that there would come a time that I would set running goals again. Don’t get me wrong I set goals in different areas of my life (work, school, blog, career), but I think it is time to create some new running goals. As my only running goal this summer was to run agian.

Running Goals

  • Run the Chicago Hot Chocolate 15K
  • Run the Drumstick Double (5K and 10K) at the Detroit Turkey Trot
  • Get faster – focus on speed work
  • Sign up for a spring half marathon in a fun destination
  • Ragnar Relay!!!! Madison to Chicago (More to come on this later)
  • ENJOY running. And remember it is a hobby not life.

I think the last goal is the most important for me to keep in perspective. I am not going pro in running, so instead of seeing running as a task see it as an outlet. I am excited to get back out there running, and hopefully will enjoy it even more because of the struggles I overcame.


  • Where do you get your  motivation/inspiration?
  • What is a goal of yours? It can be work, life, fitness, etc. related. 

My friend Susie wrote a great post yesterday on intentions in marathons and the marathons of life that goes along perfect with this post. I highly suggest you check it out!