Monday I finally was able to take my Asics Gel Numbus 16’s that I got all the way back in June for a run. I had had a great run Saturday, a terrible run Sunday, so I was anxious to get back out there on Monday to get over my bad run and to try these pretty ladies out.



It was such a beautiful evening that I could not help not going for a run even though I had done Sproing class in the morning. I want to take advantage of this fall weather before the arctic tundra hits us sooner than later. And I was able to wear my favorite running combo – long sleeve shirt & shorts!

The shoes felt very cushy which was a change to my old ones (still wearing the same ones from my marathon in March – I know huge no no), but they still have a lot of breaking in to do. With time.

Now for some midweek motivation… 

Midweek Motivation Quote

I could not have agreed with this quote more after my run on Monday. If I hadn’t hit the path I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this….

Wordless Wednesday


Fall has arrived! Thanks to Beth from Running with the Sunrise for the Wordless Wednesday linkup! Make sure you check out other pictures from peoples runs this week here.


  • What motivates you right now to get out and run?
    Right now the weather is definitely driving me to run because you never know how long we will have these temperatures. 
  • How do you break in your running shoes?