Good morning, and happy Monday! How was everyones weekend? Mine was extra special because I was back home in Detroit. I hadn’t been home since February, so it was a long overdue trip. Let’s get to the normal monday morning programming of a weekend recap because I have lots and lots to share!


After work I flew home and my parents picked me up from the airport. It is crazy that the flight from Chicago to Detroit is only 30 minutes but airlines can still charge over $200 roundtrip.

Atwater Brewery

Atwater Brewery just opened in my hometown and my parents have been so excited to take me there. Atwater Brewery is a German/American restaurant that brews their own beer, but here is the kicker – the location is an old church. I’m not gonna lie the atmosphere was a little weird.

The menu consisted of a lot of German favorites: Kielbaso, Brats, Weinershnitzel, and Perogis. My dad and I decided to each get a Kielbaso and split a brat. Well none of us were impressed with the brat. I would go so far to say it was inedible, and the kielbaso was just alright. We all left the restaurant disappointed with the meal, but being back at home was all I cared about.


After dinner we stopped by our family friends house for drinks and popcorn. This is a frequent occurrence between our two families since before I can remember. Fun Fact: I was a junior bridesmaid in Katie’s, pictured above, wedding 11 years ago. I have been trained well for my upcoming bridesmaid duties :)


When we got home I was craving something sweet. And we decided because dinner was subpar, dessert was necessary. I asked my mom there was any chocolate in the house, and she was sure they didn’t. Well I took it upon myself and went to the candy cabinet to not only find peanut M&M’s BUT peanut butter M&M’s too. If you guys did not know this about me peanut M&M’s are my vice. If they are within 50 feet of me expect them to be demolished. That is why I do not keep them in my apartment but I can always count on my mom having them. At the end of the night I probably plowed through half the bag and urged my mom to hide them from me the rest of the time I was home even if I insisted her to give them to me….let’s just say she caved the next day.


Thursday I had another dry needling session at PT – ouch. This one was definitely more painful than the first one. My mantra is no pain no gain though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is really working – don’t want to jinx it yet. I was excited to wake up not as sore as Friday allowing me to get a run in. Which was much needed after the bag of M&M’s I consumed the night prior.


I have a standard 5K route that I know and love at home. It includes hills, water views, and a trip by my high school. I felt really good after the run and during it I was able to pick up speed without any pain :)

After my run my mom, dad, and I walked all around town with stops at Starbucks and both of my brothers houses so I could see my nephews. My mom and I were eager to get our steps in for the day!

The rest of the morning and afternoon consisted of lunch with my grandma, errands, DIY projects, and a little sunbathing. I am glad I am coming home again soon so I can spend more time with Sue (grandma), lunch was too short.

And now to the main event and the reason I came home – the M&M Eminem concert.




I will let the pictures do the talking but Eminem did not disappoint. This was my fourth concert of his, and each time he blows my min. #talent #detroit #RapGod



Our designated drivers




Can you tell we are just a little excited??

IMG_1778Eminem in all his glory.

This was my fourth Eminem concert and like all the other shows he did not disappoint. It is hard to pick a favorite because they were all different in their own way. But one thing that made this show extra special was after the encore Rihanna and Eminem came back on stage and did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

Does anyone else get sad when a concert finishes? On Sunday I heard a Rihanna song on the radio and instantly got sad. Less than 24 hours earlier I was heard that song live.


We were all a little tired from our late night, so Sunday consisted of coffee, relaxing, and enjoying time with family.

I always have so much fun when I go home that I go through several days of depression until I get back into the swing of things in Chicago. Luckily I get to see my family a lot in the next coming month – Robbie and Stef are visiting me next weekend, my parents are coming two weekends after that to help decorate my apartment, and I am going back home at the end of September for my cousins wedding. A lot of family time will be had and I am looking forward to it :)

It is a good thing my trips home are quick because I don’t think my waistline could have taken anymore M&M’s or cheese & pretzels…it is hard not to go all out when your mom has a fully stocked fridge and pantry.


  • Favorite M&M?
    Peanut – hands down. No questions about it.
  • Favorite Eminem song?
    Gotta stick with the classic – Lose Yourself. But I have a long list of close seconds.
  • Favorite thing to do when you go back home/parents house?
    I love doing all the activities I used to do when I was younger. I.E. sit on our or our family friends porch while having a glass of wine and telling stories.