10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9, 10…For some reason in Pure Barre that number sequence seems to go a lot slower in my head than typing it out. It might be because at barre I am making small movements that are toning deep muscles that I didn’t even know existed.

Pure Barre

You know when you are doing a strenuous movement that makes your legs shake uncontrollably? Yeah that is 60 minutes at Pure Barre. Barre classes in general have become a very popular class lately in the fitness industry, especially Pure Barre nationwide.

Last week I was lucky enough to try out a class at the newly opened Pure Barre Lincoln Park studio not once but twice to check out what all the buzz was about!! I was fortunate enough to have Brittany both times, who was kind enough to tweak my form if I wasn’t doing the move properly. This happened most of the class. But I think there was definite improvement from class 1 to 2!

Pure Barre

No class is the same but each class follows the same format, so frequent Pure Barre goers know what to expect. My first class I felt like I was always a step behind because I had no clue what was coming next! But by class 2 I was a seasoned pro (not!).

Class Format (60 Minutes)

  • Active Warm-up
    • You get right to it. Don’t be fooled by the word warm-up! This is set up to get your heart pumping and to keep it at that level throughout class
  • Weights
    • Think dancer arms more than body builder arms
    • Again, don’t be fooled by the 2 to 3 lb. weights. By the end when you are doing tepee raises it feels like you are lifting a cinder block
  • Legs/Thighs/Seat
    • Your legs will be shaking. And if they aren’t you’re not doing it right!
  • Core
    • Non-traditional exercises using the bar and more traditional exercises on the mat

After each focus workout there was a quick stretching session to lengthen the muscles you just worked. I dreamed about those stretching session during the focus exercises.

Pure Barre

Ashley, the Pure Barre LP owner, is a runner herself! We talked before class on all the benefits the class offered to runners. A few of them I could come up with just by taking the class but it was nice to get confirmation and the reason on why these are benefits from a Pure Barre expert!





Pure Barre Benefit to Runners

Benefit to Runners

  1. Core Strength – Pure Barre doesn’t just focus on the top layer of abs that many ab exercises work on. At PB they get into the deepest layer of your abs. You know that lower stomach section you want to shrink? Yeah PB works it.
  2. Stretching while Strengthen – There was one move when we were at the barre that gave me an unbelievable hamstring stretch. As most runners know hamstring issues while running are the worst. While at PB I got the best hamstring stretch with assistance from the barre than I ever have. I was excited for my second class of the week for that very stretc.
  3. Foot Strength – Sounds odd but when you spend more than half the class on the balls of your feet you work up strength which is important in running. I mean your feet are what get you from one step to the next.
  4. Glute Activation and Hip Opening Movements – Man in the leg/thigh/seat section of class my butt was on fire – in a good way! Activating my glute while running is something I have struggled with because of weakness. This section of the workout would definitely strengthen both my glutes and hips.
  5. Low Impact Workout – As we all know…running is hard on your body. No more explanation needed. Pure Barre compliments it well because it allows you to get in a heart pumping workout in a non impactful environment.

Pure Barre would be a great supplemental workout to do while training for a race. It allows you to strengthen muscles (specifically core, glutes, and legs) and stretch (specifically hamstring and hip flexors) during a low impact workout.

These next few weeks as mileage is going up in my training I definitely will be stopping in the LP studio from time to time to get a great strength workout in! Thanks Ashley for having me.

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  • Have you tried a barre class? Thoughts? Pure Barre?
  • What is your favorite cross training workout?