Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday (more like Saturday). Well today is the last day of August – can you believe it?




Last day of the month means that it is the last day of #GettinStrongInAugust. I am happy to say I completed every workout. It was especially hard at the end of the month as the workouts got longer and my days got busier but I made it work. Another challenge done and now time to brainstorm another one :)

Today’s workout was the bonus day!


I think this will be a great workout to keep around for any strength day. It was a great combination of arms, abs, and legs and paired well with a run. I challenge you to do this workout today or another day!

Alright well I am off to the Luke Bryan concert to shake it!





  • Did you try out the #GettinStrongInAugust Challenge?
  • Do you like these challenges I post? Anything in particular you would like to see in the next challenge?