Last night I went to the Piston’s Game! I mean I guess some Chicagoan’s would say the Bulls game but I stick to my roots.

Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons

I love any excuse to wear my Detroit gear. I ended up going with my “Imported from Detroit” t-shirt – subtle but it got the point across. Unfortunately the Piston’s weren’t able to pull out a win but it was still fun to go!

Now onto Tried it Tuesday…last night when I was in the cab on my way home from the game I was trying to think of away to introduce my post for today. It seems recently most of my Tuesday posts have been reviews of studios and or workouts I have TRIED out. What catchy name could I tie the Tuesday and Tried together? Are you ready….Tried it Tuesday! I know mind blowing.

I hope to continue this theme on LSR in the coming weeks and I would love for you to join too. I have a few more gyms to review and I hope to try out even more soon. So without further ado here is the first official Tried it Tuesday

Another studio I really enjoyed in October through Class Pass was Trainology Fitness located in River North at 309 W. Chicago Avenue. If you guys are not familiar with Class Pass you can check out my post explaining it in more detail here. If you are interested in signing up you can do so here (<- Referral Link)!

Trainology FitnessTrainology caught my eye when I was searching for a new studio on Class Pass’ portal because it offered a treadmill and strength workout class [Hike 60] that simulated hiking on the treadmill by varying the incline you put on the treadmill during the workout.

Trainology Fitness

Trainology’s site does a good job of explaining the basic idea of what the gym offers.

TRAINology Fitness is a unique group fitness training studio that takes state-of-the-art technology and fitness to a new level. Classes will incorporate a strength and cardio work out along with a group heart-rate system that helps maximize and track results while maintaining a safe workout. No matter your age or gender you will find a workout that challenges and helps you to achieve your goals. TRAIN-TRACK-TRANSFORM!

There are several types of classes offered, check them all out here. One of the ones that seemed different to me was Glide.

Trainology FitnessYou can see the boards they use for Glide in the picture above. I didn’t take this class but I did get a chance to catch a glimpse of the class after mine. People in the Glide class put on little booties over their shoes and did different lateral movements (similar to skating) per the instructors direction. This is definitely something I want to try, the concept seems so out of the box!

Trainology Fitness

I took Hike60, with Dani (Who is fantastic! She teaches at Flywheel too and invited me to be her guest for one of her classes, which I also loved), which is a 60 minute class alternating 10 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the floor.

The 3 10 minute circuits on the treadmill were killer, even without running. During the 1o minutes you will vary incline from 0 to 30 while walking or running – whatever you are more comfortable with.


Yes you read that right a 30 incline. The above picture shows you what that looks like – the picture does not do it justice. This was a HIKE class so you did not have to run but I found as the incline increased it was easier to keep a higher pace if I ran. Everyone did their own thing.

On the floor we focused on legs. They also have a core/arm focused class too. We did different exercises for each circuit such as lunges, box step ups, planks, wall sits, kettle bells, etc.

This was another great class and a great studio that I am happy I found. They also have a locker room with showers which made it much easier commuting to work already being downtown. I loved my 3 classes at Trainology and hope to try out more soon (especially Glide!).

I would definitely suggest this studio to anyone looking for a great cardio and strength workout combined into 60 minutes. Oh and newcomers get their first class free!

You can follow Trainology on Twitter and Instagram for other great monthly promotions!

If you have missed my other reviews of studios and workouts in the Chicago area you can check them on on the Chicago Studios page.


  • Have you ever been hiking?
    I have not. I guess when I was 12 in Colorado we sort of went on a hike – if you count my dad getting chased by a rattle snake a hike :)
  • Have you seen the Glide concept before in a workout?

    This was the first time I saw it.