Happy Monday! I started off my day with Kate’s 10×10 Sweat Session from Baking in Yoga Pants 

10x10 Sweat Session

Gotta love getting in a good sweat before you start your week [emoji grinning face]

Ok back to my weekend – it was too my fun! I had a fun filled weekend with my three year old nephew JR. This was the first time in well over a year that

High #1

No surprise here….but my favorite thing from this weekend was spending time with J.R, Stef, and Robbie in Chicago. I love being able to show visitors around to my favorite Chicago spots. Here are some pictures to sum up all of our adventures…

IMG_6499JR helping me answer emails at work on Friday.

IMG_6505Amazed with all the trucks, buses, and people below.

IMG_2396Making himself at home on my couch…it is the perfect size for him.


We share our LOVE [emoji heart] for Yogurtland

IMG_2412Just bellying up to a bar cheering on the Irish, playing with trucks, eating nachos, and twerkin a little bit when Turn Down For What came on. Yes that really happened.


I wish JR was with me all the time so I could have an excuse to go into a firehouse and look at the fireman trucks!


Please note JR’s toddler and tiara pose…boy knows how to work it


Carousal time!


IMG_6639Family picture!

Looking at animals while chowing on popcorn, swigging on some Gatorade, and getting pushed in a stroller. JR knows how to work the system.

IMG_6592I already miss this guy and these hugs [emoji frown]. Can’t wait for his next visit to Chicago.

High #2

Saturday morning I tried out a new workout at Sweat on State through Class Pass.

Sweat on State

I had been to Sweat on State for a Sweatworking event, but this was my first time taking one of their normal classes. I went with the 9 a.m. Sweat Class on Saturday.

IMG_2400The class was an hour long that incorporated cardio, circuit training, and abs to finish off.

IMG_2402We started off with a 400m run or row. Then we split up into teams of 4 or 5 and completed five circuits of five  1-minute exercises (row, burpees with box jump, kettle bell swings, knees to elbow, and ball slams). We finished off with a sweat-down ab circuit – flutter kicks and side plank hip dips.


I am always amazed by how good (sweaty) of a workout you can get in with circuit training. Even though the circuit only consisted of 30 minutes I am still sore.

I love being sore, especially two days after a workout. I really enjoyed this class and will definitely consider doing another one this month!


Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.45.37 AM

My beloved Tiger’s were swept by the Baltimore Orioles in the first round of the playoffs. I love nothing more than post-season baseball, and am sad I won’t have the Tiger’s to cheer on. But many agree that the Tiger’s losing is best for my dad’s health. He gets way way way way too much into the games and I don’t think his heart could take anymore. Now heres to the Lions….we know they will find away to disappoint us in someway.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Monday! I will be back tomorrow with more pumpkin treats [emoji face with stuck-out tongue]


  • What was a high from your weekend? What was a low?
  • Did you try out a new workout this weekend?

P.S. If I were able to pick another high it would be that ND beat Stanford in a down to the last minute game. 5-0 Baby! Go Irish!

P.P.S. Congrats to Susie rocking the Twin City Marathon yesterday!