Cheers to Thursday! I thought including a Parenthood gif was fitting as I have been binge watching it the past month. I’m currently on Season 5 Episode 13. I am starting to get sad knowing the end of the show is near to come.

Last night for dinner I made the easiest most delicious dinner that took matter of minutes and only three ingredients. Interested? How can you not be with that introduction – quick, easy, and delicious.

It isn’t the most photogenic but I had to share…

Chicken Quinoa Pesto Mozzarella Dinner


Chicken, Trader Joe’s Pesto and Quinoa, and Mozzarella. Oh and a little polenta on the side. Of course!

Have you guys tried the Trader Joe’s Pesto and Quinoa? I love it. It is a great keep sake to have in the fridge for those times you need to add an extra punch of flavor to a meal.

Here is the recipe – don’t get too intimidated!

  • Bake Chicken
  • Top cooked chicken with Trader Joe’s Pesto and Quinoa and a slice of mozzarella. Tip: Put the pesto on the chicken first and cover with cheese. When the cheese melts it will hold the pesto and quinoa on top of the chicken.
  • Place chicken back in the oven and broil 2 to 3 minutes or until cheese melts. My broiler wasn’t really working – I wish it would have browned more.

I even made another variation with these ingredients to enjoy for lunch today.

Chicken Quinoa Pesto Mozzarella Lunch

I chopped the chicken and cheese and added it to some leftover quinoa I had on hand. I topped it all off with the TJ’s pesto and quinoa, and sun dried tomatoes. I can’t wait for lunch today! I am still contemplating if I want to eat it cold or warm. I’m thinking of heating it up because I love melty cheese.

Speaking of lunch – yesterday I changed up my workout routine and went for a run at lunch instead of in the morning. When my alarm went off yesterday I wasn’t feeling it, so I was happy to remember that my office has a gym in the building that is complimentary. Because we all know…



I am so much happier when I get a workout in. I was definitely a rookie to the lunch time workout scene. I did a 4 mile fartlek speed workout that left me super sweaty. Because of the speed (I run faster when I know I am on a time constraint) I had 25 minutes to shower, get dressed, and get back to work.

When I got back to the locker room dripping in sweat I realized one important thing was missing…a towel. In a bit of a panic I used paper towels and my workouts clothes to dry off. I have learned.

Back to the run – the past three weeks I have been declaring Wednesday “Fartlek Wednesday.” You can’t get faster if you don’t practice fast speeds. It is amazing how much better yesterdays run felt compared to my first fartlek run. I hope that means one thing – I am getting faster.

Alright now it is time for me to get my morning workout in where I can rest assured there will be a towel waiting for me after in the locker room!

Thanks to Amanda for hosting a linkup that allows me to ramble today for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


  • What time of day do you enjoy working out?
  • Do you do speed workouts? Do you follow a plan?
  • Share an easy recipe!