Did you celebrate National Cheese day yesterday?! Did you celebrate National running day on Wednesday? Are you celebrating National donut day today?

I Run

I loved reading everyones posts and insta pics on National Running Day. Guess what?! I didn’t celebrate. GASP, I know. How dare me.

But life got in the way. I had an early morning doctors appointment (like real early), followed by work, followed by school. No time to squeeze in a run let alone a workout. Usually I always find sometime (most times first thing in the morning), but Wednesday it was not in my cards. That’s life!

Oh well – it doesn’t mean I am not a runner. I am sure I will be making up for it next weekend when I run my first Ragnar Relay!

Today, I want to share my my five favorite running related posts on Lake Shore Runner:

  1. 2015 Running Goals (In July I will give a status update on my 2015 goals)
  2. Why do you Run? Part I and Part II
  3. Reaching a Running Goal in my Half Marathon
  4. 5 Things to Accomplish on a Run other than the Run Itself
  5. One of the Best Runs of My Life – Golden Gate Bridge Edition

I hope you guys have a great weekend! Today I will be back in Detroit with Jackie. You have no idea how excited I am to get back. I am sure there will be many Instagram pics to capture out high school throwback weekend at home. You can follow along here! Have a great weekend every one.

P.S. A Very Very Happy Happy Birthday to my blend (blogging + friend) Meredith!

Today I am linking up today with MarCynthia, and Courtney for the Friday Five.  


  • How did you celebrate National Running Day? National Cheese Day? National Donut Day?
  • What do you have planned for the weekend?