Happy Friday and Happy May Day….anyone ready for the Derby this weekend? What are you wearing? Remember last year when I won big money on California Chrome?!

I still have so much to share with you from the Country Music Half that I am linking up today with MarCynthia, and Courtney for the Friday Five. The topic just so happened to be – Race Day. So here are my 5 must haves for a great Race Day….

Great Race Day

1.) Bomb Dot Com Playlist

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I used Spotify to make my race playlist this time, and I loved it!! Highly suggest this playlist to anyone who loves country, but wouldn’t hate a little Chingy Holidae Inn thrown in. I know I have talked about my love for Spotify before, but making running playlists has taking my love to entirely new level. I actually bought a subscription this week! If you are a student it is half off ($4.99 a month).

2.) Cute Outfit

Nashville Country Music Half Marathon 2015

Shorts // Tank // Bra // Socks // Shoes // Belt // Hat

Is it just me or can you always rationalize buying a new race outfit?! It makes me look forward to the races that much more!! I love my Nashville race outfit. I can see a lot more of these shorts bought in my near future.

3.) Mantras

My two mantras last weekend were:

  • “Run the Tangents.” No one has time to run a step further in a race. I wish I could say I stuck to this. I ran 0.3 miles more than a half marathon. But the more I told myself this throughout the course the more distance I made up. I noticed that the mile market on my app was getting closer to the actual mile marker on the course.
  • “Your mind will give up before you body does. You body can still push.” The last few miles were rough. Not gonna lie. I kept reminding myself that my body had more, and not to let my mind tell me else so.

4.) Fuel

Caramel-Macchato GU

You know I love my coffee. When Erica posted this GU flavor last winter I knew I needed to try it. Luckily for me, Erica shared the love. I think it is important to have fuel in a race (when necessary) that you look forward too. The littlest things can get you through a bad mile. I also love that this had some caffiene in it. I enjoyed one between miles 6-8 in the race last weekend.

5.) Post Race Treat

Michalob Ultra

Just like fuel, it is the little things that can help get you through a race. And at mile 11 knowing there is a treat for you at the end can help you push through. We all know a Michelob Ultra wasn’t driving me to push any harder (not a huge beer drinker, but this didn’t taste half bad at the end of the race), but knowing margs are in my near future….brunch…donuts….cake….you name it! Have a treat in mind, and treat yo self after the race.

Have a great weekend!! What do you have planned!? I am excited to have a birthday dinner with Jackie and Martin tonight.


  • What is your race day must have?
  • Do you have a running mantra?