Last Thursday I had my second session of dry needling therapy. I have not talked in much detail about what this entails because I do not know the long term results of it yet. But what I do know is it has given me more relief in my glute, IT band, and knee than any other therapy or treatment. For right now I am keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps going this way, and will go into more detail once I have seen long term results.

But back to last Thursday….after leaving PT I felt less than stellar. I was in so much pain I was nauseous. This session was definitely more painful than the first. That just makes me feel like it is working that much more – no pain no gain. As I was limping home – I walked because it was only a mile and felt lazy haling a cab – crying on the phone to my parents – yes I am that girl – I asked myself why do I put myself through this? Why do I put myself through such pain and agony to run? Why do I take my body to such extremes that it gets injured and extensive treatments are needed in order to fix? Why can’t I just be normal and only go to the doctor once a year for a check-up, rather than PT twice a week and an MRI every few years?

There are a lot of answers to all of these questions. But the one that answers them all is: I am not normal, I am a runner. And I am more than ok with that. I was going to write a very emo post the following day after my treatment, Friday, but wasn’t even motivated enough to do that. I wanted to vow never to take my body to the point it is/was right now. Guys I was in a funk. But now after a week to think about it I am glad I did not write that post. I had a few days to reflect on it and really ask myself: Why do I run?

It wasn’t until Sunday night that I figured it out. I had the best 3 mile run (on a treadmill) that I have had since marathon training last winter. That feeling euphoric feeling was what reminded me why I love running. Hey am I in anyway ready to start training for anything? Probably not. But I am ok with that. I am going to take those 3 miles and relish in them and built back distance and speed over time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Funny enough my 7th post on this blog was Why Do You Run? Not much has changed since then other than the fact at that time I did not know I was injured (even though I was) and had never gone through a long injury/recovery period. I would say I have run my entire life playing basketball, softball, and volleyball. I wouldn’t say I became a runner until three years ago when I completed my first half marathon, and this has been my first sidelining injury. Not that running a half marathon characterizes you as a runner, this was just the first time in my life that I ran to run – not anything else.

So you guys already know why I run, but here are the reasons why I love being a runner:

  • I enjoy planning my week based on my running schedule


  • I look at the 10 day forecast everyday to see how my runs will be affected by it


  • Meeting other runners in the community that like to talk about all things running


  • Talking about bodily functions and being totally ok with it. Yes I peed myself during both marathons #YOLO

photo 4-27

  • Planning vacations based on races or long runs – Seeing the country on foot


  • Getting up at the crack of dawn to get a run in and a bonus see the sunrise

photo 4-7

  • Having those days where a 3 mile run feels like the hardest thing known to mankind and then the next day cranking out 7 miles like it is no problem
  • Sustaining a healthy lifestyle not only running but also eating healthy to fuel me for my runs/workouts
  • Completing a run and feel like I am on top of the world – Runners High


So yeah I am glad last Thursday I did not throw in the towel, and allowed myself to have that amazing run on Sunday. I am actually off to another dry needling therapy session now. I have already prepped myself that I am not going to feel great after but I know there will be a great run after it. Also I have fun plans with Susie tonight which will help me power through the day!


  • How have you dealt with a challenge in your life? And what was the ah ha moment to keep pushing on?
  • Why do you love being a runner?