Happy Tuesday! Today’s Tried it Tuesday post is different than my last 26 Tried It Tuesday posts. Wow can you believe it there have already been 26 Tried it Tuesday posts?! Ok enough of that….

LSR - Tried it Tuesday

Today, I want to ask you a question on whether or not I should TRY something. I NEED YOUR OPINION. Sorry in advance for the text heavy no picture post – you have been warned.

Long time readers know that last summer I battled IT band, piriformis, and hamstring issues in my right leg. It kept me from marathon training, and I didn’t run for about 4 months. Hello Sproing! After numerous PT sessions, graston, and dry needling I finally felt like a B -. Which was an A+ in my book. Does that make sense?

Lately I feel like I am going down a slippery slope to injury-ville, and I am terrified. My right leg is achy (hamstring, IT band, and glutes) like usual, but my left hip is really bothering me. WHICH IS NEW. This scares me.

I decided to go to Delos Therapy on Sunday for a free 25 minute consultation to see if they had the miracle cure, and to be proactive. What is Delos Therapy you might ask? Let me have their website tell you….

Delos Therapy is a precise, state of the art manual therapy for chronic pain and pain management. Direct pressure is applied to detailed points along the entire muscle, which forces a stretch of the myofibrils and individual muscle fibers, relieves hyper-contraction and congestion, and results in restored function and relief (source).

Basically, it is a really really deep tissue massage that goes in and breaks up the fascia that has locked up overtime. Which then allows you to reengage those muscles again. Here is the kicker….frequency and consistency.

In order to get the best results from the therapy you need to go three times a week for four weeks.

So why am I apprehensive you might ask? Well like most things this therapy will cost a pretty penny. And money does not grow on trees (I wish it did).  Because you get the best price break when you buy more services, it makes most sense for me to go all in and buy the 12 sessions (recommended therapy plan).

Looking back at last summer I easily spent what the cost of this therapy would be and then some. Between all the PT sessions and MRI. So do I try this therapy in hopes it will loosen everything up again? Or do I focus on running technique (and foam rolling) and hope the problems fix itself? 

With marathon training right around the corner; I want to go into it feeling at least 90%. Not with an injury. So now it is your turn. Weigh in. Please give me all thoughts, opinions, comments….


  • What should I do?
  • What do you do when you feel an injury coming on?