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As most of you know this past weekend I ran the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay. MY FRIST!

Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay

With a ton of photos and lots of information to share I thought it would be a good idea to recap my experience by the numbers, rather than give you a minute by minute recap. And lucky for me, Susie, already did that for me yesterday with her recap.

So let’s get to it – The 48 hour journey of 12 somewhat strangers (Judy, Andrew, Alison, Mo, Ashley, Elina, Jessie, Beth, Krista, SusieEric) split in 2 vans. Or should I say van and an SUV?! I’ll get to that.

Cups of Coffee Drank: 7 Cups

Ragnar Relay Coffee

Ragnar Relay Coffee


I know I expected more out of myself too. On Friday I consumed 5 of those cups. Yeah I went a little strong in the beginning.

Number of Kills: 20 

Ragnar Relay

No I did not kill anyone. A kill in Ragnar Relays is when you pass someone during your leg.

Number of Runs: 3 Legs (19 Miles)

First Leg – 7.5 miles @ 7:40 pace

Ragnar Rely Chicago


My first run was by far my favorite. My legs felt great and the scenery was beautiful. I was number #7 so my first run started right around 1:30 p.m. on Friday. I had 7.5 miles and kept a 7:40 pace throughout. This is where 13 of my kills came from.

2nd Leg – 5.5 miles @ 7:40 pace

Ragnar Relay

Ragnar Relay

The highly anticipated night run. I had 5.5 miles to run, and I started right around 10:30 pm. Can’t say I have run that late before, but now that I have all the sexy gear who knows. I was expecting to run this leg at a 5 minute pace (I kid I kid), but I kept it right around 7:40 just like the first run.

My tip to people who are a little nervous about the night portion of Ragnar, here is a tip: When you are running always keep someone in your near distance. If there is no one in eyesight try to stay back with a runner behind you. This helped me a ton. I would run up to a group and stay with them until I saw someone in the near distance and could catch them. I would continue to do this throughout the run – 10 kills!

3rd Leg – 6.1 miles @ 8:40 pace

Ragnar Relay

Ragnar Relay

Ragnar Relay

By far my least favorite run. I felt like I was carrying a grand piano the entire time. It probably was a combination of the lack of sleep, stretching, eating normal food, and being crammed in a car for countless hours. But to be frank this run was terrible. My normal aches were massed by new aches. Woof. I mustered through it and somehow got to the next checkpoint without crawling.

Number of Vehicles: 2

Ragnar Relay

So this is good. When our captain, Mo, went to pick up our vans they rental company had run out of minivans. So they thought they were doing us a treat when they gave us a tricked out Buick Enclave. Yeah this would be nice if you were taking your kids to soccer practice. Not ideal for 6 adults who are running multiple times without showering.

Running Outfits Packed: 3

Ragnar Relay

TIP: Pack each of your outfits in individual freezer bags and include drier sheets in each. This makes it super simple to find your next outfit in your bag, and then after your run you can put your sweaty gross clothes back in its bag. Brilliant!!

Number of Black Cards won in Cards Against Humanity: 4 Cards

Ragnar Relay

Yeah my teammates were less than amused when I came in mid game and won a bunch of black cards. What can I say….I am funny!

Number of Frosted Graham Crackers Demolished: Tons!

Ragnar Relay

Thankfully Krista, a Ragnar vet, knew to bring frosted graham crackers cookies. These were clutch and I forgot how much I loved them.

Number of Awkward Pics Taken : 2

Ragnar Relay

One and only running selfie.

Ragnar Relay

When the Chick-Fil-A mascot is around you have to ask to take a pic. My mom loves loves loves Chick-Fil-A so I had to do it for her!

More fun numbers….

Number of times I used the porta potty: 2

Number of body/baby wipes went through: 20

Bananas Eaten: 4

Packets of PB consumed: 6

Times I spoke about PB: Too many to count

Hours Slept in 48 Hours: 2 Hours

Blogs Read: It felt like hundred! I got all caught up from last week

FINAL TIME: 29:56:06, Finished 125th out of 356 in our division

Ragnar Relay

Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay was an experience to remember! I am so happy I could meet some of the people whom I have connected with over blogging throughout the year, as well as meet new people that share the same love for running!