Howdy, Happy Wednesday! Hope you guys enjoyed the treat recipes yesterday. Recently I have enjoyed baking more and more, so don’t worry there will be many more to come.

From baking to running…one of my all time favorite races is the Detroit Turkey Trot. I have been running it for years and it has become one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions.


Last year it even snowed! It might not snow on Christmas day in Detroit but you can count on it to snow on Thanksgiving.

IMG_0106She She loves an opportunity to rock the fur. Hands down  best dressed fan there.

IMG_0101The Detroit Turkey Tort is one of the largest races on Thanksgiving day around the country with over 21,000 runners. Last year they introduced the Drumstick Double where runners were able to not only run the 10K, but also the 5K. Last years race fell during my 3rd week of marathon training so the Drumstick Double fit in perfectly.

IMG_0102This year I am excited to get back out there and run. I have not really raced since my marathon in March and I could not think of a better race to kickoff my running schedule than the Turkey Trot. I’m not going to lie I am a little nervous about the race. Will I be able to run both? Will my leg hold up? Is my knee going to hurt?

So I decided to make a plan for myself. One, because I am a planner, and two because there is no better way to prepare for a race than get the miles under your feet.

I did not want to make my training plan to be all running because  I have been really enjoying all my group fitness classes and did not want to stop those. Also, running and I have been kind of on the outs for sometime so I wanted to ease into it and not get burned out to quickly.

I will start this plan next week! Hope it helps any of you planning on running a Turkey Trot this year.

Speaking of Thanksgiving – come back tomorrow for a special treat 


  • Are you running a Turkey Trot this year? Where?
  • Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition?