Thanks for all the love on Monday’s post! It is great to be back. Right after I hit publish on Monday morning I had site problems. Of course I did! I sat on the phone with Blue Host for about an hour and got everything figured out. Nothing like a welcome back than having site issues.

As promised this post gives you a snap shot of what the last two months have been like for me. I decided to keep it to a snap shot because I didn’t want to inundate you with all the cups of coffee or trips to Soul Cycle that I have made. But if you add that and going to work you pretty much know everything I have been doing that last two months!

My grandma visited me!

Went to Saugatuck, MI for Jackie’s Bachelorette weekend! 

My dad visited for the Tiger’s vs. Cubs game! Even if we only got to see one inning due to rain.

The results of my dad losing a gin rummy bet….I know we are wild! 

Was a bridesmaid in two weddings! 

The first one was in Akron for my college friend Betsy’s wedding.


The second one was in Chicago over Labor Day for my High School friend Jackie’s wedding.

The bridal gang before the rehearsal dinner! 

Bride and me!

Luckily you can’t tell but it was a 100 degrees and we were all sweating in places we never knew could sweat

My lovely wedding dates!

Saw one of the seven natural world wonders. Which I found out after is incorrect ha!

Saw my BFF PIC off to Boston to pursue her dream!

I went BLOND-er!

Went floatin’

I’m not quite sure going forward how I am going to structure this little blog of mine. It will probably be a whole lot of the same stuff I did before my break but a little less frequent. I don’t want to come out guns a blazing and get burned out too quickly, and oh yeah I have this little thing called a thesis that I need to finish before December!


  • With it being the first day of fall – Tell me your favorite part of your summer and what you are looking forward to most this fall.
    My favorite part of summer was definitely all the travel! If you asked me a few months ago I might have said that was my least favorite thing but I loved being able to see so many friends, family, and new places! I am looking forward to all things fall (#typicalgirlanswer). You know it all thing pumpkin, spiced, and tailgating!