Happy Devil’s Night! I learned yesterday Detroiters were the only ones in the country who referred to the night before Halloween as Devil’s night after taking this dialect quiz.

Dialect Quiz

This quiz was spot on because I took it twice [2nd time was to get a screenshot of my results], and both times my first result was Detroit. Heck yeah!

This past Monday night the awesome people at Sproing (Paul, Amanda, and Jen) hosted me and all other LSR readers for a free class.

Sproing Sport

I have been going to Sproing for just under two months now and I can officially say I LOVE IT. You can read more about my experiences with Sproing here and here.

I have talked a lot about Sproing on the blog and with friends and family…but it can be a difficult concept to explain and understand unless you actually do it yourself. If you don’t have a chance to try it out (non-Chicagoeans) you can always rely on Steve Harvey to explain it…




I was happy for others to try out a class I enjoy so much.


The night started off with Paul, CEO & Founder of Sproing, speaking about how he and his partner came up with the idea of Sproing. Paul has been in the treadmill business for years and years and learned first hand how bad treadmills are for your body. Sproing offers a cardio experience, like the treadmill, but with less impact (50% less in the knees / 30% less in the ankles), and you get a strength workout too. It also does not allow heel striking, which is a major cause of injury for runners.


Jen, our instructor who is 18 weeks pregnant – impressive, took the group through a dynamic workout so everyone could get used to the Sproing and learn the circuits for the actual HIIT workout.


Our workout focused on running (as always), legs, and arms. Jen incorporated dumbbells into the exercises which was killer. I think a few people had wished they selected a lighter set of weights initially, because after a few reps people were shaking.


Susie from the Suzlyfe was feeling fierce (as always) after the workout. Checkout here new Newtons!


After class everyone stuck around and socialized. We were a little sweaty…you can tell it was a good workout. Not pictured was Cara from Fit Busy Female…great meeting you, and thanks for coming!

After talking with Paul and Amanda so much about Sproing, and all the benefits, I have decided to become a member!! I am dropping my traditional gym (bye bye treadmill) and going all in with Sproing. I know this is a great choice for me because it will allow me to train and get faster while lessening the chance of injury. I am still battling my piriformis, IT band, and hamstring issues from this spring and I hope with officially saying good bye to the treadmill and working on my running posture I can mitigate the chance of injury in the future.

Oh and after wearing a heart rate monitor in countless Sproing classes we decided that I have a low resting heart rate. Paul is going to put me through a workout to see what my max heart rate is so I can make my heart rate monitor more accurate during the class. He said be ready for the workout from H-E-Double Toothpicks…I’m ready!

Thank you again to Sproing for having LSR for a wonderful event! I think their are some new Sproing-ers out there after the class :)

If you are in the Chicago area and want to check out a class – your first week is free! Sproing is a different concept so they want to make sure you can try it out several times to get comfortable. Trust me the first time is way different than the second. Sproing is located in Old Town at 1650 N. Wells St. If you are interested in trying out a class let me know, I will be there lots!


  • Did the dialect quiz get your location right?
  • Unique workout you have tried recently?