Throughout October I had the opportunity to try out different studios around the city through Class Pass. For anyone not familiar about Class Pass you can read more about it here. Right now Class Pass is offered in Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

I loved my month with Class Pass and would consider being a member in the future, but as you guys know right now I am going with Sproing! I still want to share reviews of all the gyms I went to several times and really enjoyed because I hope to continue to drop into the studios from time to time.

Go Cycle

Anyone who has been reading LSR for sometime knows I love Spin class. I might even go as far to say it is my favorite way to cross train. One of the studios I went to three times (the most you can go in a month to one studio through Class Pass) in October was Go Cycle.


Go Cycle is located in Old Town at 525 W North Ave. This was very convenient to my apartment so I took advantage of their early morning classes.


Go Cycle offers more than just cycling classes, they have TRX and combo spin & strength/yoga classes. Check out all the class options here. They are offering a rowing class soon too! So this is your typical just spin studio. You could go to a new class everyday.


I went to GO Express class for all three of my visits because that is what worked best with my schedule. I hope to try the other combo classes at some point though. The GO Express was an upbeat 45 minute spin class.


According to the Go Cycle website the founder and owner of Go Cycle, Emmy Rigali, wanted to create: a no-judgment zone of adrenaline-filled classes with upbeat music guaranteed to inspire you to push harder.

Go Cycles does just that!

Go Cycle

Each of my classes flew by because I would get lost in the music (All of my classes had awesome music! They would take top hits and remix them with other songs. I think music is key to a great spin class – and Go Cycle was on point).

The instructor would also play with the lighting throughout the class depending on the task we were about to do. You can tell in the above picture it was bluish/purple. Sometimes for sprints it would go pitch black which I really liked because it allowed me to just concentrate on getting through the sprint – nothing else! Oh yeah and there are disco balls. It basically was a 45 minute party.


Go Cycle has Keiser bikes which I really liked. It shows your gear and RPM on a small monitor on the handle bar. We would start the class off by finding our flat road level (a maintainable pace at medium effort) and then worked off that number for the entire class. This allowed everyone to work at there own level but kept you honest with the gear showing on the screen.


And Go Cycle offers you complimentary clip in shoes which I love. I feel like I always get more out of a spin class when I clip in. Both of my instructors, Sarah and Beth, were fantastic too! Very upbeat motivational instructors who really got into the workout which pushed me to work harder too!


It was nice going to morning classes before work because they had a locker room with showers. The facilities were really clean and fancy. I mean look at that chandelier in the bathroom.

Overall, I had great experiences at Go Cycle and have nothing bad to say about it at all. I would highly suggest a class to anyone in the area looking for an upbeat class that you will undoubtedly leave drenched with sweat. Also, if you take your first class on a Friday it is free! I definitely took advantage of this deal.

Thanks Class Pass and thanks Go Cycle for having me!


  • Favorite workout song right now?
  • Spin Classes: Yay or Nay?