Happy Friday! As mentioned yesterday I have a very special post planned for you today. My blogging friend, Stacie, has been nice enough to take over Lake Shore Runner for the day and share a workout with you that would be perfect for anyone who travels or wants to get a workout in but doesn’t have any equipment.

Before I turn it over to Stacie I want to let you know that this weekend I am taking the Windy City Bloggers Instagram. I’d love for you to follow me there – I will be sure to share in all of my vacay pics at my grandma’s!

Hey y’all! I’m Stacie from over at SimplySouthernStacie.org (www.simplysouthernstacie.org).

me-in-chicago - Simply Southern Stacie

I’m so excited that Sara asked me to share as a gust blogger on her blog today! I feel like between our love for Parenthood, good food, working out and Richard Gere that we would be BFF’s if we ever lived in the same city.




Just in case the “Y’all” didn’t give it away, I am Southern born and raised. I currently live in Georgia, but one of my biggest passions in life is getting to travel and experience new cultures while meeting new people. My blog chronicles all my travels along with my day-to-day life, simple recipes and workouts.

As much as I love traveling, it’s not always agreeable with trying to maintain a steady workout or training schedule. This has resulted in learning to be pretty flexible in my workouts and training plans. Where I was once a gym rat, I now favor online workout videos. Where I would use to view travel and vacations as purely for pleasure, I now look for ways to mix my passion for being active along with my passion for traveling.

disney-marathon-2015 - simply southern stacie

Also, a lot of the time when I’m traveling, I just don’t have the luxury of having a lot of equipment with me. I mean, I only get 50 lbs. of precious space for my luggage as it is. You better believe I will choose packing extra shoes and outfits every time over some dumbbells!

As a result of this, I thrive on super simple, body weight exercises, one of which I would like to share with you today!


1000repworkout - Simply Southern Stacie


This workout was oh so creatively named because you will complete 1000 reps of exercises by finishing it once through. This workout takes me roughly 30 minutes to do and that’s with a few breaks for water along the way. It’s become such a staple in my routine because it requires zero equipment and gets the heart rate up all while hitting every major muscle group. Just please don’t send me hate mail once you get to the ‘100 Jump Squats’ part. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time. Clearly, I wasn’t because 100 jump squats is pretty much equal to setting your legs on fire. Other than that, I think you should really like this workout : ) Hopefully, next time you are short on time, space or equipment, you will be able to put this workout to good use!

I want to thank Sara again for letting me share this workout with you on her blog today! Sara, next time I am in Chicago, we will be doing this:

chicago-deep-dish-pizza - Simply Southern Stacie

For more simple workouts, travel stories, race reviews, and easy recipes, I’d love to have you visit me at SimplySouthernStacie.org!

Thanks Stacie! What a great workout, and perfect for when traveling. Have a great weekend everyone! Make sure you follow my Florida adventures (I know my Chicago friends need some Vitamin D – maybe you can get it through Instagram) on my own Instagram and WCBC Instagram

Next time we talk hopefully I will be a little tanner!


  • How do you stay active when traveling?
  • If you were to visit Chicago what is the one thing you would want to do/eat?