Hi Guys! I am coming at you a little later today because last night I went to bed at 8 p.m. Yes, it was barely dark outside. Earlier in the week I was bragging to my parents that I didn’t get sick this winter, and yesterday I felt like I had literally been hit by a bus. And today is not much better.

But I couldn’t not post today because I have something very exciting to share. I worked with Undiscovered Kitchen and created a Fitness Madness based on the most beloved sports tournament – March Madness. Remember when I worked with them in January? 

Thanks to Evona for making this super cool graphic! 


Make sure you checkout the post to learn how it works and then download the March Fitness Madness bracket hereAnd play along! Make sure you share your bracket and tag me in it so I can see how your bracket is shaking out. Tag it with #FitnessMadness

Don’t be selfish – make sure to share with friends and family so they can get in on the fun too! The more the merrier.

Alright, well I gotta go prep for the game. You know who I will be cheering for loud and proud….

See you at the championship! Will it be Burpees vs. Mountain Climbers or High Knees vs. Push-Ups? Only you can decide.


  • Are you going to play?
  • Who is your favorite college basketball team?
  • Did you fill out a bracket? Who do you have winning it?
  • What exercise do you think will win your bracket?