Is the day over yet? Only a few more hours I guess. I know this is a shortened week but every morning I have woken up and felt like it should be the next day. So today feels like a Friday. If only. Sorry my posts are coming at you a little later in the day. I still do not have internet setup in my apartment and every night this week I have had an event at night. So by the time I get home I devote all my time to organizing my apartment…it is coming together! Hopefully next week we will be back to regular programming.

But back to those events I spoke of. On Tuesday and Wednesday night I joined Class Pass for their launch parties at Exhale and Flywheel. Class Pass is new to Chicago, but is already in New York, Boston, LA, and San Fran. So what is Class Pass you ask? A brilliant business concept that I wish I had thought of. But I am happy it is now in Chicago so I can take full advantage of their great idea!

Class Pass Logo

Instead of joining a studio that focus on one type of workout; Class Pass offers a monthly membership for $99 that allows you access to a wide range of great studios in the city. You are allowed to try out 10 classes a month, with no more than 3 visits to a particular studio a month. Some of the noteworthy Chicago studios that I am excited to try are:

  • 105f Bikram
  • Flywheel (Well I already tried it (more on that later), but I am excited to go back)
  • Go Cycle
  • Shred 415

And those are just a few. For a a full list of participating Chicago studios go here.

Class Pass is great for someone who loves working out in a class setting, and who dreads the traditional gym. You are given access to all types of workouts: cycle, yoga, barre, HIIT, Cross Fit. There really are no limits and you would never get bored in a month. I think it is also great that you can only go to a certain gym 3 times month, this forces you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. I am so excited to have Class Pass in Chicago and watching them grow. Welcome! If you are interested in signing up for a membership you can do so here.


Speaking of stepping out of your comfort zone – Tuesday night was Class Pass first of three night launch party at Exhale. Exhale offers barre and yoga classes. I experienced my first barre class a few months back, and did not love it. So after work on Tuesday when I was exhausted from the move and more hungry than usual, I was less than excited to go to a barre class. Luckily Susie was going, which put a little pep in my step.

Our class was 45 minutes and it was a Barre Infusion + Cardio class with a fantastic instructor.  To my surprise I really enjoyed the class. I definitely felt the burn in my legs when we headed over to the barre. What I like most about the class was that we were not at the barre the entire time, probably only 15 minutes. This is my least favorite part because I feel so uncoordinated. Lets just say at 6 foot I don’t really have the ballerina highly coordinated body ha. Tuck what?? Tuck where?? Tuck who??

Exhale at Class PassLook at Susie  really gettin’ that yoga pose on (I don’t know the technical term)!

After class Susie and I felt we needed to get another workout in….boxing. We both got our jabs in…


(Good to know my go to face while getting punched in the face is the duck face.)


…but in the end we we came together as friends.


We left Tuesday night with a our endorphins running high after a good class and a great goodie bag in hand: Class Pass tote, tank, and water bottle. With other local and national goodies. Has anyone heard of a Furla bag? We got this one in our bag.

Last nights event I was really looking forward to at Flywheel. I had always wanted to try a class because you guys know I love spin with a competitive twist and I have heard Kelly Ripa talk about it before. If Kelly Ripa is doing it it must be good.


Well I have NEVER had so much fun in a spin class. The 45 minute class flew by with our instructor Candy entertaining us the entire time. There were lots of booty drops, hips shaken, twerkin, clapping, and dancing all while on the bike. I have had a lot of spin instructors and Candy by far has been the best – in the sense of entertaining, motivating, keeping on beat, and great tunes. Last night was definitely the hardest I have worked in a spin class, but also the most fun. (I was Bike 10 on the men’s side – everyone in the class were woman so combines with the woman’s side on the board I finished 7th out of 45. I’ll take it!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.04.52 PM

Thank you Class Pass for allowing me to experience two great new studios/workouts in the Chicago area. I will definitely be back to both studios and look forward to exploring more next month!



  • Do you belong to a gym? Studio? Or do your own thing?
    I belong to a traditional gym but it has classes. I also drop in to studio and go to different events to try different workouts. 
  • What is your favorite workout class?
    Spin and HIIT classes – I like to sweat