Marathon training has begun! I am trying to remain positive about it, but I don’t know how long it will last.

Nashville Marathon

Nashville Marathon 2013

As most of you know ever since my first marathon (back in 2013) I have been ladened with injury. It could be because of the two screws in my right ankle causing me to overcompensate in areas which leads to overuse which leads to injury. It seems like an never ending cycle.

This training period I am trying to be smarter. Trying is the key word. I am taking one week at a time. Which is tough for me. I usually like to know how many miles I will be running on a random September morning now in July (remember I am type A), but instead I only put the first 4 weeks of my training in my agenda.

DC Rock N' Roll Marathon

I want to stay present in this training, and listen to my body, not just become a robot and run the miles that are scheduled for the day. This training cycle I pledge to:

  • Listen to my body
  • Do a dynamic stretching warm-up before my run, and do a short yoga sequence post run
  • Continue with my strength training
  • Only run three days a week but supplement it with lots of cross training!
  • REST
  • Work on my speed

Speed is at the top of my mind this go around. I know I can run the miles, but can I run the miles at a half marathon pace or better? That is the goal.

Nashville Country Music Half Marathon 2015

In order to work on my speed – one of my three runs each week will focus on it. It bring speed. Whether it be a track workout or a tempo run. I will switch back and forth each week between the two.


My track for the next 16 weeks. My phone screen shattered so I know carry it everywhere I go in a plastic bag. Hence this foggy photo. I took the photo while still in the bag! 

Before starting my “official” training I incorporated a speed workout into my routine the past two weeks. I unfortunately don’t live close to a track so I have utilized a nearby park that has a circular path. I use my Nike Running app to track the distance and pace. From my research on “speed workouts” I have learned that you should try to target your marathon goal time as your 800m time. For example, if you wanted to run a 4 hour marathon you try to finish your 800m intervals in 4 minutes.

Track Speed Workout 

The first week I started with 4x800m and the next week I upped it to 5x800m. Each week I will not increase by one but will gradually tack on more intervals to the workout. Here is what my first two weeks looked like.

Week 1 (On the circular path around a park): 3:50, 3:47, 3:53, 3:57

Week 2 (On a track): 3:44, 3:37, 3:35, 3:27, 3:31

Both workouts were started with a 15 minute warm-up run and 10 minute cool down. In between each 800m I walked for about 200m and jogged for 200m. 

To say I was a little discouraged after my first speed workout is an understatement. I left that workout feeling like I had lots and lots of work to do. Luckily when I was home last week I was able to test my workout at an actual track and my numbers were much more on point. I truly think being on a track and knowing where the finish line is really helps to push my pace. While I am running at the park I have no clue when my app is going to tell me the 800m are done.

I was not only pleased with the times, but also the negative splits for the most part. I have always been someone to do better later in workouts. Hence why endurance running is for me! I look forward to documenting my speed more on LSR, and hope to be able to see a noticeable difference not only in writing but also how I feel on the track (or park path I guess).Other great articles I have read about increasing your speed:

Three Ways to Get Faster in a Single Season

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How to take fear out of your speed work (just starting is a great one! and so true.)

What are other people trying….
I am running a 5K this weekend! I am looking forward to racing the shorter distance. 5K’s have never been my strong suit because it usually takes me a few miles to get going. I will be sure to share how it goes!


  • Favorite type of run: speed, tempo, long run?
  • How many days a week do you run?